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Karlene + Nick | A Quispamsis Wedding

My favorite part of Karlene + Nick’s wedding? They didn’t stop laughing, the entire day. Non-stop smiles.

Karlene + Nick said “I do” at a sweet little spot in Quispamsis, complete will a small ceremony and pretty yellow & grey details. With their family with them celebrating, they had a beautiful intimate ceremony and a fantastic reception. Congrats again you two. 

Forget What You Thought Boudoir Was…

Seriously. Forget it. 

I hear it ALL THE TIME. “Boudoir is so awkward!”, “Who would do that?!”, “It would be so embarrassing!”, so on, so on, so on…. And I’m here to tell you that no, it isn’t awkward, embarrassing, or inappropriate; forget everything you thought about boudoir.

Let me tell you a story about a woman. This woman looked into the mirror everyday and felt mediocre. If only her tummy was toned, and her love handles didn’t stick out, and oh gosh that cellulite needs to go. She tries to say positive things, she tries to hug her curves and love the squishy bits, but it is so HARD. One day, she’s scrolling through Facebook, and see’s this beautiful image, of a woman posing in classy lingerie on a bed. “Book your boudoir session now!” the ad says - and automatically, she’s intrigued. 

After a few days of going back an fourth, she takes the leap, and books a boudoir session. Her nerves are through the roof when the day finally comes, she has no idea what to expect, she knocks on the door and her photographer opens it up. She steps into a beautiful naturally light studio, complete with all the fancy details, and the hair + make-up team begin their work. She picked out some very modest outfits, but as the shoot went on, she found herself wanting to show off her soft tummy, and didn’t even think twice about the stretch marks on her hips. Music was playing, photos were being snapped, and her photographer was guiding her through every pose. Once the shoot is finished, she leaves, feeling so proud that she had the courage to shoot these images, and so excited to see the results. 

Finally, after days of waiting, that email arrives; “your gallery is ready!”. Upon opening it, she’s in shock. She barely recognizes herself. This woman, who has only seen her flaws, finally see’s the beauty others have told her about. Without photoshop, without loosing 30 extra pounds, without hiding the cellulite, she see’s how incredible and powerful she is. THAT is boudoir. 

We all look in the mirror and can immediately see our flaws. So often, we overlook how truly beautiful we are. With boudoir, I strive to help you see how wonderful you are.

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