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From One Engaged Couple To Another: What To Do After You Get Engaged


So exciting, right?! I am so filled with happiness and love and I imagine every person feels this way after the love of their life pops the question. And of course, even though you’re enjoying the beginning stages of your engagement, you start thinking about the wedding day. And then it starts getting stressful - overwhelming really. Where do you even start? Well, I’m here to help, with this super-duper-handy-list to help ease the stress of the first few months of your engagement.

1. Enjoy your engagement.
It’s that simple, really. Get a bottle of champagne, go out to your favorite restaurant, take a mini-trip, treat yo-selves. It seems obvious, but sometimes you forget to just enjoy. Throughout your engagement (whether it lasts 6 months or 5 years), don’t stop celebrating it together. Oh - and obviously throw an engagement party. Even if it’s just close friends/family BBQ’ing in the backyard, just do it.

2. Pick a date.
This is the easiest way to get the ball rolling on wedding planning. Discuss a date together, pick something that you know is feasible (financially, physically, and mentally). Discuss the pros and cons of summer vs fall, look at different weekends and pick a date you feel good about. Remember that vendors book up sometimes one or two year in advance, so it’s best to pick a date a little further away. 

3. Figure out the type of wedding you want to have.

Small or big? Close friends and family only, or everyone? Sweet and romantic or fun and goofy? This can help narrow down venue choices, budget choices, and decor/colours/etc.

Once you’ve got these down, start looking at further planning and vendors for your big celebration. At the end of the day, just remember that as long as you have the love of your life by your side, and you’re surrounding by loving friends and family, your wedding day will be perfect. 

(And yup - that’s us below. In the middle of a two week road-trip across Canada, hadn’t showered in 3 days, running off coffee and bagels. It was perfect.)

A Handmade Farm Wedding | Amerens + Zach

I knew Amerens + Zach’s wedding day would be extra special when Amerens told me they bought old church pews and were re-finishing them for the ceremony. However, I really wasn’t ready for how much detail and thought they put into each piece of their wedding day. Her bridesmaids dress - handmade. Her flower girl dresses - handmade. The rings boxes were previously made by a grandfather, the decor was all handmade.. Basically everything was made special for their wedding day.

These two cuties met while both working at the same cafe (a local favorite, Cafe Codiac), and fell in love quickly. Years later, on May 21st 2017, they made it official. Their families flew in from all around the world to celebrate their love together on their parents farm, and they hosted such a beautiful wedding day. I’m so excited to share a few of my favorite shots from the wedding day below!

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