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Community Over Competition

Community Over Competition. It sounds easy, but the reality is much more difficult. Being an artist and a business owner without feeling any jealousy towards other photographers is nearly impossible, but it’s so important to remember that connecting with others can be key to your businesses success. 

When I first started photography, I was full of insecurity and jealousy. I thought everyone was so much better than I was, and that made me so bitter. It took me months to unlearn this thought process, and begin seeing other photographers as my COMMUNITY. When my thought process transformed, so did my business, and suddenly I was learning new skills, getting more clients, and feeling much more secure in my business. 

How do you start changing your mindset? Talk to other photographers. Befriend them, get coffee with them, attend business events, and join groups! We’re all here to help you with your business, don’t be too scared to reach out. 

And speaking of community, check out this babe (Sharlie Faye Photography) looking fabulous in Cuba. 

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