Molly Ilse Photography

meet molly ilse - the girl behind the camera


I'm basically just a cliche: a small town girl following her big dreams. I was born & raised in Second North River (points to anyone who knows where that is!), and started my photography business from my parents backyard. From there, I've grown an incredible business full of amazing clients and unique work.

I love adventure. You'll always find me hiking, travelling, chasing sunsets, or planning. I've been to Ireland, Cuba, and all across Canada, and my heart gets fuller each time I find new places to love. The only thing that feeds my soul even more - is photography. Specifically, photographing love. Which is why I've shifted my focus in photography to capturing weddings; wedding days are so full of love, so full of happiness, it inspires me.

I'm madly in love with a wonderful man, I love barefoot walks, I have a forever growing imagination. I create unique photos by combining my love of adventure, my love of love, and my love of natural light and earthy tones. 

Fun fact - my middle name is German, and pronounced as "ill-sa" (replace the "e" with an "a"!).


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